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Q: What is Orchard Workspace by JLL?

A new flexible workspace designed to help clients and team business flourish. Featuring custom suites, private offices and meeting rooms with lightning-fast connectivity, we help productivity flourish. Orchard Workspace by JLL offers a bounty of networking opportunities and bespoke events to nurture connections between members and throughout the local community.

Q: What are the different memberships offered?

o Custom Suites (where applicable)
o Private Offices
o Dedicated Desks
o Fresh Desks
o Virtual Address Plus
o Virtual Address
o Meeting Rooms

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Q: Can I use the business address to register my company?

Absolutely! Once you’ve been approved for membership and a services agreement has been officially signed, you may register your business.
Upon Termination of Membership: The address is no longer a valid business address and must be removed from all company collateral. Additionally, all member mail and courier will be returned to sender if received, immediately following the termination date.

Q: What is the service retainer? Is it refundable?

The service retainer is also referred to as the security deposit. This is a one-time fee paid prior to your move-in and is held throughout the duration of your membership. It is a liability and security requirement if there is significant damage made to the property or you default on your payment.

At Orchard Workspace by JLL, we require a service retainer for workspace solutions and memberships that include 24/7 access. These are: Custom Suites (where applicable), Private Offices and Dedicated Desk memberships. The value of a service retainer is equivalent to one month’s membership and can be requested for return with written notice upon termination of service agreement.

Q: Is there a setup fee at Orchard Workspace by JLL?

o Virtual Address/Fresh Desk Setup Fee: One-time setup fee of $100
o Dedicated Desk Setup Fee: One-time setup fee of $100
o Private Office/Custom Suites: One-time setup fee of $250/person

This fee includes: personalized access card, suite key, building security clearance, enterprise grade IT, office furniture set-up and a seamless move-in with oversight from our team.

Q: How do I book a meeting room and when will I be charged?

You can easily book through your client portal and select your preferred meeting room for your specified date and time; subject to availability. Members are notified to pre-purchase credits to replenish their credit allowance towards meeting rooms and will only be billed at the time of credit purchase.

Q: Is there a ‘Pause’ option to freeze my membership?

Yes! Clients are eligible to pause their membership after 60 days of membership from commencement date. Account pause is applicable to coworking and virtual clients only.

During account pause, all mail will be held without notification and calls will go directly to voicemail (if applicable)
Access to use of the premises is denied
Pause fee is $10/month
Pause request must be made 30 days in advance in writing to the Orchard Workspace by JLL team
Pause is limited to 4 months total within 1-year period
Should you wish to terminate your account, you must be an active client for 30 days after pause

Q: If my meeting room booking goes over time, is that okay?

We understand meetings can go over, from time to time. Should your meeting go over your booking time, please advise our team and provide a courtesy notice to those who may be waiting to use the space. Should a scheduling conflict with another meeting arise, we would be happy to assist in relocating your meeting to another suitable room.

Q: How far in advance can I book out a meeting room?

You can reserve a meeting room as far out in advance as you need. If you are interested in scheduling recurring meetings on a weekly or monthly basis, please inquire with our Community Manager to coordinate.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for meeting rooms?

Cancel > 48 hours in advance: No Cancellation Fee – A credit refund applied towards your initial booking will be processed back to your account.

Cancel < 48 hours in advance: No refund or credit given.

Q: How do I refer a company to be a member at Orchard Workspace by JLL and what are the benefits?

We offer a bounty of referral incentives. See details below:

Virtual and Coworking
$100 Virtual
$200 Fresh Desk
$300 Dedicated Desk

$1,000+ Office

Terms and Conditions:
1. Any signed agreements after a 6-month introduction are not valid for a commission payout
2. Commission can be paid in the form of an AMEX Gift Card or Rent Credit ONLY
3. Referral must be made in writing via email or noted by inquiry upon initial contact
4. Referral payment made within 30 days of meeting above requirement or credit to be included on the following invoice

Virtual and Coworking
Commission to be paid after client has paid 1 month rent in full (discounted period is not an eligible period if applicable)

Q: What kind of events does Orchard Workspace by JLL host?

We have weekly community events that are focused on entertainment, health and wellness, charitable causes and networking opportunities.

Q: What are the Membership cancellation policies?

For all Virtual Address and Coworking memberships (Dedicated Desk/Fresh Desk) on month-to-month term commitments, we require 1-month’s written notice to be given for termination of services. Should you need to cancel your membership by a temporary request, please refer to our ‘Pause Agreement’ options and terms.

Q: What is the guest policy?

Members are more than welcome to bring guests and out-of-town team members to our workspace. Our team continuously monitors the safety and floor operations each day, and asks that all Members provide their guests’ names and details for registration with building security. Additionally, all guests must be accompanied by a Member when on-site in the general common areas.

Q: What is the photo/film request policy?

We support creativity and bringing your ideas to life. Please inquire with our Community Manager to learn how we can accommodate your photo/film request requirements.

Q: Can I leave my belongings on-site?

Absolutely! Locker rentals are available for purchase at $40/month.

Q: What are the hours of operation?

Business hours are 8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Q: Do you have office supplies for purchase?

Yes, of course! We carry a variety of office supplies, available for purchase at Reception.

Q: Are there rules and expectations for Members and Guests when on property?

Please reference our house rules. If you do not have this available, please contact a team member to provide.

Q: Is there a dress code policy?

While staying committed to maintaining a professional work environment, we request that all Members and Guests wear ‘business casual’ attire.

Q: When is my service retainer due? When is my first month’s membership due?

The service retainer and first month’s membership are due immediately following the date of signing your services agreement.

Q: Are there any late fee penalties? If, so when are they applied?

A late payment fee is due by the 5th day of each month. Otherwise, you will incur a 5% late fee. Should the 5th fall on a weekend, payment will be due by end of day on the following business day.

Q: When are monthly payments due?

Monthly payments are due on the first business day of every month.

Q: Will I receive a receipt or notice once my monthly payment has been received?

Yes, you will always receive a receipt of successful or unsuccessful payment when remitting monthly payments. Should you need additional confirmation of payment, please inquire with our Management team.

Q: What payment methods are accepted? How can I change or update my payment method information?

o Credit Card (Preferred for Virtual Office/Coworking Memberships)
o Direct Debit
o EFT – Electronic Transfer of Funds
o Check

Q: How can I update the address listed on my invoice?

In the Member Portal.

Q: How can I view my past/current invoices?

In the Member Portal.

Q: Am I able to update my company name if needed?

We understand there are rare instances where title/company name changes need to be made. Should you need to make a change to the company name, you can do so within the Member Portal.

Q: What is Dedicated Bandwidth?

Dedicated Bandwidth is an enterprise-grade internet solution reserved for the use of an individual business. Dedicated Bandwidth ensures businesses are always receiving the same high data throughout without any delay or interference.

Q: How do I connect my device to the Wi-Fi?

Once you are a Member, our Community Manager will provide you with personalized credentials to log in to your dedicated wireless network.

Q: I forgot my Wi-Fi credentials. Where can I find them?

Upon receiving your login credentials to your dedicated wireless network, you will only need to log in once for your device to register to the internet going forward. Should you have a new device and forget your wireless credentials, please escalate to a team member for further assistance.

Q: Am I able to change my Wi-Fi password?

You are not able to change your Wi-Fi password directly. However, you may ask a team member to change on your behalf, if needed.

Q: Is there a separate wireless network that visitors should use?

Yes! The guest wireless network is accessible for all visitors. Simply select the guest network, fill in the prompted fields and you’ll be good to go!

Please note, all users of the guest network will be timed out after 4 hours. You may log in again should you want to extend usage.

Q: Am I able to register my own guests with building security?

Members are not able to register their own guests with building security. Should you like to register a guest to access Orchard Workspace by JLL, please inform our team of their full names for guest registration within our building security system.

Q: If I have a new team member, how can I set them up with building access?

That’s great to hear! Simply inform our Community Manager of your new team member and when they will start, along with any additional workspace requirements that may need to be set up prior to their commencement date.

Q: What is the mail and package handling policy?

All received mail parcels and packages are delivered to Member offices the same day. For all Virtual Address Members, all received mail parcels and packages will be stored and locked securely at reception for pick up and/or mail redirection.

See our Services Directory for more information.

Q: How do I get notified of a Mail and Package delivery?

You will receive a complimentary email notification that you have received mail and/or a package.

Q: What do I do if I lost my access badge?

If you misplaced your access badge, please notify our team immediately for deactivation. We would be happy to reconfigure a new personal access badge for your use.
Replacement access badge: $50

Q: What do I do if I need to use the freight elevator?

If you need to utilize the freight elevator, please provide your preferred availability to our team so they can coordinate on your behalf with building security. If a contracted third-party vendor requires use of the freight elevator, please provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from your vendor for confirmation of accessibility and liability.

Q: How often will my office be cleaned?

All offices and common areas are cleaned thoroughly and regularly during afterhours. During business hours, the building housekeeping staff and our team will ensure the upkeep of all common areas while sanitizing high traffic areas regularly.

Q: How do I access the building during afterhours?

All clients with fulltime access, will be able to access the building at any given time. Non-fulltime access clients will not be able to access the building or space.

Q: How can I add or remove Orchard Workspace by JLL furniture from my office?

All furniture removal or additions must be coordinated with our team, with advance notice.

Q: Can I bring my own furniture?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to bring in your own furniture. Please keep in mind, depending on the type and size of furniture you would like to move-in, you may require the use of the freight elevator. Our team would be more than happy to coordinate with building security prior to your move-in.

Q: I need more space. Am I able to upgrade my office?

The beauty of operating in a flexible workspace is knowing that you have the flexibility to upgrade and/or add to your space as your needs change, at any time. Should you like to upgrade your office, add more furniture or modify your existing office, please contact our Management team for available options.

Q: How do I submit an inquiry?

Directly through our website

Q: How do I get on your broker mailing list?

Please email team@orchardworkspace.com to request subscription.